Tore och Sven Johansson
Tostareds Kyrkorgelfabrik
The Shop
Tostareds Kyrkorgelfabrik was founded by Josef Johansson (1887-1958). He was a farmer's son from Tostared who wanted to work with anything else but farming. In his early years he worked as an apprentice to several furniture woodworkers, but became also a talented blacksmith. Technical developments interested him greatly, and soon he began to build radios, cameras, motors, tractors, mills and other machines in demand in rural communities at the beginning of the 20th century. One interest he had developed at home was music. He learned to play several instruments while young and soon began to play in churches in the area. When an organ needed repair he was was always eager to respond. Gradually, organ work came to dominate his time, and in 1947 it was time to build his first organ. At the end of the 1950's the business was passed over to three of Josef's sons, Hugo (born 1917), David (1919-2004) and Sven (born 1927). Sven eventually assumed sole leadership of the company. Yet another son, Nils (1924-1991), also worked for the company. Since the middle of the 1990's the firm is led by Sven's son Tore (born 1960).

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Over the years the firm has built around 200 organs, mainly in West Sweden. Our goal has always been to produce excellent instruments, both technically and tonally. Pride in craftsmanship is demonstrated by our continuing production of the majority of organ parts, including metal pipes.

Manufacturing of metal pipes
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Tostareds Kyrkorgelfabrik

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