Mads Kjersgaard
Production of languids for new facade pipes
Orgelbyggare Mads Kjersgaard is a one man business founded in 1967 by Mads Kjersgaard (born 1944 in Copenhagen), who devoted himself to the organ's theory, technique and history already in his earliest years.

Production includes all flute and reed pipes, which unfortunately results in a limited and slow working pace but is an advantage when dealing with restorations, which comprises about half of the performed work. In a collaboration stretching over many years, Robert Gustavsson Orgelbyggeri AB of Härnosand is responsible for the construction of the larger organ parts, while Kjersgaard is reponsible for the voicing of Gustavsson's organs.
The Chapel of Sønderborg Castle, Denmark. Queen Dorotheas Chapel c:a 1570/1626, Reconstruction - new organ 1996 Specification
Examples of new organs:
Högalids Church, Stockholm, choir organ (17 stops/ 2 manuals)

Masonic Hall, Uppsala (17/2).

The Chapel of Sonderburg Castle, Denmark (14/2, a reconstruction of the original renaissance organ in the historic organ case).

The Chapel of Gottorf Castle, Schleswig / D (16/2)

Jakobikirche, Lübeck / D (6½/1)

* * *

Examples of restorations:
Skaraborgs Museum (currently placed at the Conservatory of Music in Gothenburg), a portable organ by Nicolaus Manderscheidt of Nuremberg, built around 1650, (7 stops one manual)

Folkemuseum / Bygdöy-Oslo, organ of Jonas Rosendal built in 1723 (8/1, including significantly older pipework).

Frederiksborg Castle / Denmark, Compenius organ from around 1610 (27/2).

Choir Organ at Högalidskyrkan, Stocholm 
Additional activities:
Voicing of approximately 120 organs for Robert Gustavsson, 4 organs for Orgelbau Graf AG, Sursee Luzern, Switzerland.

Organ design (preferably in late gothic or renaissance styles, also occasionally modern) of own new organs as well as several of Gustavssons.

A number of monographs and articles in journals dealing with organ history and organ archaeology.
Console of the reconstructed renaissance organ in the Chapel at Sønderborg Castle . Upper manual (Oberwerk) F-a" = 38 notes, lower manual (Positiv) C-short octave-a" + 3 subsemitones = 44 notes.
Mads Kjersgaard
Gunstavägen 27
Funbo, Gunsta
SE-755 97  Uppsala
+46 18 363361


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