Lars Norgren
Åkerman & Lund Orgelbyggeri AB
Årstad Church, Halland. Molander 1889. Restored 1999
The business was founded in 1860 by Per Larsson Åkerman (1826 - 1876). Åkerman began his career around 1844 as a pupil of Samuel Strand, Västra Vingåker, and continued his studies in Stockholm, where during the years 1847 - 1850, he passed through the Technological Institute. In 1852 he was awarded the title of Organbuilder. From 1854-57 he complemented his studies by working abroad, primarily as employee of Merklin & Schütze in Brussels, thanks to a scholarship awarded by the state. While abroad he acquainted himself with the principles of the romantic organ, and was consequently the first in Sweden to introduce overblowing stops, tuning slots and barker machines. From 1857-60 Åkerman was a partner with Erik Adolf Setterquist in Strängnäs and then relocated to Stockholm, where in 1866 he established a company together with his associate Carl Johan Lund.

* *  *

After Åkermans death the business was led by Lund until 1905. By then the company had moved to its own premises in Sundbyberg. Following a reorganization in 1917, John Johnson emerged as leader of the business and the company name became Åkerman & Lunds nya orgelfabrik AB (Åkerman & Lunds New Organ Factory). This name survived until 1974, when Lars Norgren together with Knut Kaliff took over the company from Signe Johansson and changed the name to the current form. Knut Kaliff left the firm in the middle of the 1980's, when Lars Norgren became director.

Lars Norgren
Åkerman & Lund Orgelbyggeri AB

Valloxvägen 5
SE-741 42 Knivsta
+46 18 380319
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